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Lumba Rakhi Tradition - How Did It Start?

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that celebrates the pious and unbreakable bond of brothers and sisters. On this day, the sisters tie a Rakhi, a sacred thread of love to their brothers. And, brothers on their part give their sisters a vow to protect them and offer Rakhi gifts.


The festival of Rakhi is not limited to brothers and sisters. On this day, the sisters also tie Rakhi to their sisters-in-law (Brother’s wife) to her bangle. This special Rakhi is known as Lumba Rakhi.


Here, Lumba means bangle in Marwari, and thus, this Rakhi is tied to the bangle.



Lumba Rakhi is a type of traditional Rakhi that is slightly different from brothers wear on their wrist. This type of Rakhis comes in more vibrant colours that match Indian tradition. It is designed beautifully with sparkling stones, sequins, and decorative Ghungroos.


Lumba Rakhi Tradition- How It Began?


The tradition of tying Lumba Rakhi to sister-in-law primarily started in Rajasthan, in Marwari community a back ago. But, this tradition is gaining popularity in other communities of Indian society due to its importance. Some of its significances are discussed below:


Binds the Family


You can observe that Indian society has appreciated the idea of living in a joint family. Living in a joint family demands sacrifices as one have to follow and respect the decisions made by the elders of the family.


When you tie Rakhi not only to your brothers but also sisters-in-law on Rakshabandhan, the day is celebrated as it symbolizes the unity of the family. This tradition helps the family to celebrate togetherness.


Secures the Marital Life


When you tie Rakhi to your brother’s wife, you give blessing to your bhabhi and pray for her secured married life. It strengthens the relationship between you and your sisters-in-law as she feels secure and homely in the family. This helps your bhabhi to live happily in the family.


Acceptance as Better Half


In Indian society, the married man cannot attend and observe any religious ritual without his wife. As Raksha Bandhan is a religious festival, his wife has to be the part of it. Thus, tying Lumba Rakhi to your sister-in-law makes her part of the ritual.


These were the major significances of this tradition. So, are you planning to tie a Rakhi to your sister-in-law and display your heartily affection to her? To help you with the selection of the classy and trendy Rakhi, here is the list for the same.


Trending Lumba Rakhis


Lumba Rakhi comes in a lot of patterns, just like the Rakhis for brothers. Some of them are described below:


Designer Lumba Rakhi


The designer Lumba Rakhi comes in various colours. With its extraordinary design and pattern, this type of Rakhi will win your bhabhi’s heart.


Fancy Lumba Rakhi


The delicate yet stylish Rakhi gains the attention of everyone. The colour of the threads used in this Rakhi matches Indian tradition. If your bhabhi likes simplicity, she will surely love this Rakhi.


Bracelet Lumba Rakhi


Bracelet Lumba Rakhi looks more of a fashion accessory than an ordinary Rakhi. If your sister-in-law resides in India or any other country, you can choose this type of Rakhi for her. This Rakhi looks traditional and modern at the same time.


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Besides these Lumba Rakhis, you can also see various options available for couple Rakhis. In this couple Rakhi, one is for your brother, and another is for your bhabhi. The couple Rakhi looks exquisite on couple’s wrist. So, you can get a couple Rakhi and Rakhi gift for your brother and his wife to make this Raksha Bandhan, a special day for them.


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5 Ways to Show Immense Love to Brothers on Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is the festival which is celebrated to cherish the endless and eternal bonding that a brother and a sister shares. This festival is the celebration for all those moments which the siblings have enjoyed and live from childhood. It is true that every pair of brother and sister fights a lot but, it is also true that they are the sole companions of one another. To cherish this lovable bonding, sisters do a lot of preparations to make every Raksha Bandhan a special one for their brothers. Even if, they live miles away, then to sisters send Rakhi for bro across the boundaries to make him happy and not feel lonely on Rakhi.



Brothers are the most loving and caring persons who cannot even see a drop of tear in the eyes of his sister. To make this special male person of your life feel extra special, this Raksha Bandhan tries out something different. Here are some ideas listed below which you can explore for this Raksha Bandhan and make your relationship filled with memories.


1. A movie together


The best gift that anyone can give to the closest person of the heart is the time. On this Raksha Bandhan, take out a few hours after Rakhi ceremony to spend some quality time with your brother. You can choose to watch the latest movie with your brother with some snacks and a cold drink. These few hours will pass like seconds when both of you will start talking about what is going on in lives.


2. A lovely welcome


If you are married and your brother visits your place every year, then this year you can choose to plan a warm welcome for him. Play some cool music which will make him groove on the beats. And also you can decorate his room with his favorite flowers and gift him something with which he can relive all those moments of childhood which you have spent together.


3. An emotional thank you speech


From all those years your brother has done many things for you. So, on this Rakhi prepare a speech directly from your heart and thank your brother for all his support and care which he has showered on you right from childhood. He will feel very special and your Raksha Bandhan of this year will also be special.


4. A family vacation


Plan a family vacation that can erase all the stress from the lives of both of you and you can freshly start your life with the memories of this exotic vacation. Choose a cool and beautiful destination and pack your backs and celebrate your Rakhi with your brother on vacation.


5. A ticket of togetherness


Get your brother tickets from his favorite gaming event or show or from a music concert. You can also choose to go with him and spend some fun moments with your brother. So, on this Raksha Bandhan give some time to your relationship and make it stronger than before.


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